Join the Fight Against Hunger

Join the Fight Against Hunger

Together We Can

TWC Is A Nonprofit Organization Addressing Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity isn’t decreasing. We need to do better.

According to the Food Research & Action Center, there was no change in food insecurity rates in PA between 2006–2018. Together We Can brings modern, effective solutions to fight hunger at every level.

Bringing Hope Home (Literally)

Not everyone can access food banks or grocery stores. Here at Together We Can, we are delivering food directly to the doorsteps of those in need. We have partnerships with meal delivery companies Freshly and TeaSquares in order to provide chef-prepared, nutritious meals to families. We also offer completely customized groceries so families can choose exactly what they need.

Together We Can is proud to partner with organizations and companies nationwide who are committed to ending food insecurity.